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Onze nieuwe aanwinst Yentl

Coming soon

Een adembenemend mooi high class blondine Yentl heeft ons team versterkt.

Yentl is prachtig en sexy, als u haar ziet bent u gelijk verkocht. Een verschijning die u niet snel zal vergeten, zij straalt sexualiteit uit en laat menig man de hoofde draaien als zij langs loopt.

Haar foto’s komen binnenkort online, maar toch al benieuwd hoe Yentl eruit ziet?
Neem dan contact met ons op voor exclusieve kiekjes van onze nieuwe dame.


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Tess schrijft in Glamour!

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-18 om 23.28.46

Ik ben Tess (21), of eigenlijk is dat mijn escortnaam. Een student die dineert met vriendinnen, in de weekenden slaapt bij haar ouders en twee keer per week haar jarretels en glijmiddel pakt voor een betaalde date met een oudere man. Ik ben een high class escort. Mijn bijbaan is gevarieerd, verdient belachelijk goed en heeft ervoor gezorgd dat mijn zelfvertrouwen zich op ongekende hoogtes bevindt. Mijn ervaringen variëren van langdurige diners met luxe cadeaus tot nou ja, gewoon mijn uurprijs en een hand bij vertrek. Via Glamour deel ik mijn belevingen.

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Customized service


With us at Eleve Escort your Escort experience will be an absolute success. Regardless if this is your first or one hundredth time, an experience with us will always taste like “special”.

The ladies that work with us are truly enjoying what they do, and know how to live life to the maximum. They have great personalities, they all are highly educated, almost all having university studies, they have interesting hobbies and know how to hold any type of conversation.
And as we know that each one of us has different interests in life, we guarantee to do our best to find the best possible match between your wishes and our offer.

An Escort experience with Eleve beats perfection. Nothing is left to chance. We will assure that your erotic fantasies and hidden dreams will finally become reality.

Prior each date, we talk about your wishes with the lady that will be visiting you, and if you prefer you can discuss them with her in person, so that we ensure the fulfillment of your desires.

Finally, discretion is paramount for us: we guarantee absolute confidentiality.

That is how we provide the recognized Eleve best quality service: a top-level Escort experience that cannot be beaten by anyone, and will let you come back for more.

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Hotel escort service


Do you feel like an exciting date in an anonymous environment? Try our special ‘Hotel Escort Service’. With this service, you have an anonymous date with one of our ladies. You can meet each other in a hotel of your choice, or at any other location. This unique hotel experience is something you will not forget easily. The experience can be fully customized in advance so that you will match your fantasies and make all your dreams to come true.

It is entirely up to you then how to develop the evening. You can start with a dinner in the hotel or in a nearby restaurant. You can just start with a drink in the lobby or you can directly move to the room.
What defines the Hotel Escort Service is that you get exactly what you want. Our Hotel Escorts know exactly how to behave in each situation and how to please you. They are fully trained to adapt to any situation.
Our Hotel Escorts are also available at Schiphol Airport so that this service is particularly suitable for foreign – business – travelers.

We can also recommend you about hotels in the greater Schiphol area. Of course when you book a ‘Hotel Escort Schiphol’ we take the language issue into consideration: all our ladies can communicate with you in perfect English.

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Diner date


Fancy a luxurious dinner with a stunning and elegant lady? You came to the right address for your ‘Dinner Date’. Eleve’ would be glad to introduce you to one of our classy ladies that meet our customers most demanding requirements.

During a Dinner Date, you invite one of our girls to a fancy restaurant before heading to the dessert.

Rest assured that our ladies have the most refined manners and know very well how to behave in a luxurious environment. While dining you will be able to talk about a wide variety of topics with your date.

We also offer you the possibility to define with us your preferred discussion topics before the date starts, so that we will make sure that you will have the perfect match. Furthermore we make sure that all small details such as her clothes, make-up, accessories are exactly what you fancy.

As one of Netherlands leading luxurious Escort Services we make the greatest effort in finding the right match for you so that you are granted to spend a top class night having a unique experience to be remembered.
For a unique, amazing and sensual night we recommend you to book one of our Escort ladies. Each one of them has been carefully selected and has gone through an intensive training and perfectly knows how to strike the right chord.

Above all, sensuality is what defines each one of them. They are hot, they are provocative, they are erotic. They know like no other how to arouse your deepest sexual desires.
We guarantee you an experience that will be remembered for a life time. It is all about getting that special feeling.

For this, we are proud to profile ourselves as one of the leading sensual Escort Services in the market. One last important thing for we strive for is maximum discretion. We guarantee 100% confidentiality in all our services.

Now just give a look at our ladies and make your choice.

As an officially registered Dutch Escort agency we offer you free consultation and advice.
We offer what we call “Excellent Dutch Quality Escort” experience. This specific service grants you the utmost quality customized experiences and you can be assured of its excellent value for money.

The customized experience means that you are defining the details of your experience by yourself: your wish is our command. You will be asked to describe your wishes as clearly as possible. From our side we will do our best to find the perfect match to match your wishes, offering you the ultimate Excellent Quality Escort Experience.
Our reputation in the market has been built by offering an excellent service to all our clients: only the highest level is good enough for us. We constantly do our best to stay one step ahead of our competitors in the world of Dutch Escort services. In that way, we can continuously guarantee the best Dutch Quality Escort service.

Please contact us at any time of the day and night.

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The Real Girlfriend Experience

real girlfriend experience

Our Real Girlfriend Experience (GFE) service is a unique, high-end experience with one of our escorts, as a GFE bears more resemblance to a romantic relationship than to a distant financial transaction. During a GFE, both the escort and the client are often looking to engage in sexual activities, which are agreed upon beforehand. Besides physical intimacy, there is often a degree of emotional intimacy in play as well, which plays an important role during such an experience. What separates the GFE from a more traditional call girl or escort experience is the emphasis on personal interaction and intimacy, rather than an exclusively sexual experience. As such, our girls embody a sense of authenticity, to make the experience even more genuine and pleasurable for you. A good example of such an experience is a wonderful dinner date at a good restaurant with one of our girls, followed by genuine sex or an evening of cuddling, giving you the feeling of being in a true relationship..

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