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Requierments of  Elevé casting escort

Contrary to many other companies in the high-class escort domain, we are a small and new organisation that chooses quality over quantity. We are professional, discreet and very selective.

Are you curious to become a high-class escort? Do you want to have a fun part-time job, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle? Elevé can give you this opportunity.

To become a lady of Elevé requires fulfilling strict conditions. You must come from the right environment. You should know how to represent yourself the best way.

You should be and remain classy and elegant in any situation. And by that we don’t only mean your looks. We’re also looking for smart and brilliant ladies with high communication skills.

Below you will find the conditions to become an Elevé high-class escort. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question about these requirements.

In general we expect more than only beauty on the outside. Like we mentioned before we ask for a strong personality and high communications skills. Your age should be between 21 and 45. You are at least graduated at the University of Applied Sciences and speak fluently Dutch and English, because Elevé has clients from all over the world. We also keep in high consideration the reason why you want to work with Elevé.

‘Besides the high income, it is the excitement that comes with the profession that drives me.’

This is our ladies’ main reason to work with us and this is what should drive you as well.

Our beauty standards are simple but uncompromising:

  • Your face and body are very attractive and appealing.
  • High hygiene is an absolute must.
  • Tattoos and piercings are appreciated in small quantity only.
  • Your clothing size is 40 or smaller

One last but very important point: in order for you to enjoy your work with Elevé and be successful in it, it is essential that you are fully aware of being up to this job. Do you think you fit the conditions that we have set for you? Then fill in the application form and send it to us!

Application form

The application process will take at least a month. After filling in the form we will evaluate it and if we see you fit our standards, we will call you within 10 days.

The telephone conversation will help us understand more about you and if you will be convincing, we will invite you for a final meeting at our office.

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