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Hotel escort service


Do you feel like an exciting date in an anonymous environment? Try our special ‘Hotel Escort Service’. With this service, you have an anonymous date with one of our ladies. You can meet each other in a hotel of your choice, or at any other location. This unique hotel experience is something you will not forget easily. The experience can be fully customized in advance so that you will match your fantasies and make all your dreams to come true.

It is entirely up to you then how to develop the evening. You can start with a dinner in the hotel or in a nearby restaurant. You can just start with a drink in the lobby or you can directly move to the room.
What defines the Hotel Escort Service is that you get exactly what you want. Our Hotel Escorts know exactly how to behave in each situation and how to please you. They are fully trained to adapt to any situation.
Our Hotel Escorts are also available at Schiphol Airport so that this service is particularly suitable for foreign – business – travelers.

We can also recommend you about hotels in the greater Schiphol area. Of course when you book a ‘Hotel Escort Schiphol’ we take the language issue into consideration: all our ladies can communicate with you in perfect English.

Hotel escort service
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