The costs

Escort rates of our services

The booking escort rates are in euros. Every booking starts from a minimum time of two hours with a lady. The starting rate for the two hours is 700 Euro. Each extra hour is rated at 350 Euro. Please note that our rates are fixed and are equal for any of our ladies.

It is important to know that negotiations on the rates and requests for discounts other than the ones reported in the below list are not permitted. We have a policy of discounted rates for upfront booking (bookings of more than two hours requested and paid on confirmation). See the Discounted Rates table below.

All our escort rates are inclusive of 21% VAT.

There is one exception for discount if you book an extra hour in the first hour of your date. It will be 300 euros instead of 350.

Methods of payment

We would like to ask you to pay before your date starts. We offer you the choice between several different payment methods. It is possible to pay with cash or with an electronic device.

If you want to pay with cash, please remember to bring the exact amount of money rated for our services. The payment has to be done before the booking starts. We want to remind you if you pay with credit card a 10% surcharge will be added.

The other option is to pay through bank transfer, In this case please note that it will take two to five days for the transfer to complete. In this case therefore a booked date in advance is required.

Pricing per hour

2 hours700 Euro
plus 1 hour350 Euro

All our rates are included 21% VAT.

Discounted rates booking upfront

3 hours950 Euro
4 hours1.150 Euro
6 hours1.500 Euro
7 hours1.650 Euro
8 hours1.800 Euro
12 hours (overnight stay)2.200 Euro
16 hours2.350 Euro
24 hours3.000 Euro
48 hours4.800 Euro
Extra day1.500 Euro
1 week12.000 Euro

Special applies

Kinky extra         Add 50 Euro

Couples extra     Add 50 Euro each hour


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