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The Real Girlfriend Experience

real girlfriend experience

Our Real Girlfriend Experience (GFE) service is a unique, high-end experience with one of our escorts, as a GFE bears more resemblance to a romantic relationship than to a distant financial transaction. During a GFE, both the escort and the client are often looking to engage in sexual activities, which are agreed upon beforehand. Besides physical intimacy, there is often a degree of emotional intimacy in play as well, which plays an important role during such an experience. What separates the GFE from a more traditional call girl or escort experience is the emphasis on personal interaction and intimacy, rather than an exclusively sexual experience. As such, our girls embody a sense of authenticity, to make the experience even more genuine and pleasurable for you. A good example of such an experience is a wonderful dinner date at a good restaurant with one of our girls, followed by genuine sex or an evening of cuddling, giving you the feeling of being in a true relationship..

The Real Girlfriend Experience
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